Sri Chinmoy´s Heart Garden


A delightful book of aphorisms for joy and inspiration. These handpicked aphorisms, each echoing like a struck Himalayan bell, are the wisdom of ancient and eternal truths infused with modern insights. Open your heart, silence your mind and embrace these soul-searching truths. It is a timeless companion and the perfect gift for any occasion.

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Just make tremendous progress
And tremendous improvement
In your own life.
Others will definitely be inspired
By the result.

If your progress in one field
Is obstructed,
Go another way.
Only do not give up
The idea of progress.

Think of yourself as a river
Constantly flowing at top speed.
Your mind Will never be discouraged,
And your heart
Will never be disheartened.

This morning during my meditation
I had a glimpse of my soul
For the first time.
Never before have I seen
Anything so beautiful.

Difficulties have the capacity
To strengthen your mind.
Do not dislike your difficulties.
Responsibilities have the capacity
To enlighten your heart.
Do not dislike your responsibilities.

If you want to expand your mind,
Then every day
Spend as much time as possible
With your heart.

A fool is he
Who thinks that his mind
Is wiser and larger
Than his heart.

Be brave!
Embrace new challenges.
Your victory will be manifested
In your self-discovery.

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Název: Sri Chinmoy´s Heart Garden
Autor: Sri Chinmoy
Typ: Kniha
Edice: Books in English
Katalogové číslo: 450250
Rok vydání: 2005
Rozměry: 147 x 145 mm
EAN: 9781741102369
ISBN: 9781741102369